CNC Services

CNC services, mainly caters for long-term projects for companies, or projects above 100 pieces.

We have decades experience in producing quality and large quantities.

We can offer rapid response on your drawings or quotation. With options for quotations based on stepped price reductions for larger quantities in an order.

CNC Precision Machining

CNC precision services provide solutions for projects requiring tight tolerances.
Over the past several years we have produced the highest grade in the industry. Machining parts for 3D testing equipment for a leading Global corporation.

Precision CNC machining is also for complex designs. Where we can offer advice for requirements on projects with high precision.


Custom Machined Parts

Over many years we have built up a large, variety of CNC machined parts in our catalog.

We can also manufacture parts to suit your project or match your requirements.

Custom CNC work

Custom CNC work is generally, for projects from 1-100 pieces or one-time projects.

We assist people twith their prototypes and for people using CNC machining for the first time.

The staff assigned to this department have additional training to assist with customers, that require more input. Also additional advice to keep down the cost of new projects.

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