Online machining service

Written by Larry Jenvos

On October 31, 2018


Online machining service requires communication efficiency and security for customers.

CNCXPRESS strives to:

Ensure efficiency and security of  our online and offline operation procedures

With ISO 9001 accreditation we learnt that this type of system must be expanded beyond the basic requirement.
While ISO 9001 builds confidence of the customers in a company and reinforces the ability of customers, the company must be able to communicate and measure the assessed quality.

As a precision machining manufacturer, CNCXPRESS highly values the highest consistency and the stability of our quality products. We keep detailed records to be able to measure the quality for purchasing, producing, manufacturing and shipping.  We maintain strict control of data storage and customers information and security.

In doing so, CNCXPRESS puts the efforts into:

  1. Our management of electronic systems

CNCXPRESS reduced our paperwork and computerized our management. This not only reduced our paper usage, for conservation reasons while it increases our ability to deal with data search.

Reinforcing our information security

We have installed efficient redundancy in our systems for data protection. We ensure we can prevent the damage from power failure, or data leaks. We have Uninterruptible Power System (UPS).
The staff in CNCXPRESS also have approved authorization levels to be able access for permission to data. This is based their job levels.
We take steps to synchronize the essential data for back up to the Cloud drive.

Cloud synchronizing our data

To secure our confidential information, we use a globally recognized Cloud service.  This means backups the data in the cloud system, can be restored or accessed quickly on portable devices by people authorized the access the information.

Instant communication

We are at the leading edge of Internet and Mobile communication, to ensure clear communication we still mainly rely on email services to contact our customers and suppliers.
We are implementing secure online systems to be able to digitally communicate drawings and information.
The use of social media systems of communication will gradually take over the rapid deployments of after sales service requirements in real time.

We are also using an online quoting system to cut the time required for quick evaluation of products or projects, especially for smaller orders. With the ability to send the complete drawings. We believe the transfer of online drawing will also eliminate the need to digitize the information therefore eliminating the possibility of miscommunication.

At CNCxpress we continually strive to use the latest methods and equipment for the communications as well as Precision CNC machining.

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