Custom CNC work.

Custom CNC work, caters for customers sourcing prototypes

or lower volume CNC machining.

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Custom CNC work, covers prototypes or projects with a lower volume requirement.

Why do we have a Custom CNC work department?
Since these types of projects usually need to fit with existing parts, they may require very precise CNC machine programming and accuracy. With a higher level of skill needed by the CNC machine operator to machine the parts.

Sometimes we need additional information to make sure we offer the most cost effective price for your prototype or small project.

The Custom CNC work, engineers and sales staff have been trained to offer greater assistance to first time CNC machining customers.

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CNCxpress has a rich history of Custom CNC work.

CNCxpress has over 10 years experience working with many size customers from single parts to Global top 10 companies for their products.

We realize every part or project is important to the person or company. Everyone requires high grade parts that represent value for money.
In our modern workshop we cater for smaller quantities and even single parts using various types of materials. .
If you are looking to make an obsolete parts or building a prototype we would like the opportunity to assist you. We have vast experience so we can offer advice to make sure you get the part you need.

We welcome your inquiry, if you want to try our services with an initial order.
This way you can be assured of our quality and service before proceeding to larger orders.

If you have a project or part that requires the strictest tolerances and quality control.
Contact us for an obligation free CNC machining quotation and helpful advice.

Custom Milling services

CNCxpress has both Computer controlled milling and manual operated machines with highly skilled operators.
This allows us to work within your budget or quantity needs.

We have highly skilled operators and the latest machines so many parts can be manually machined. This saves the cost of the complex procedure of setting up the program for the CNC machine.

However if you have tight tolerances or difficult designs.
We can include CNC milling, based on the best outcome for your product or project.

If you have a project or part, feel free to contact us for an obligation free quotation and any advice you may need.

Custom turning services

Machine turning services can also be assessed based on size, complexity and quantity.

We as well as our CNC machines we have the latest turning machines that can be operated either manually or controlled by the computer.
Some parts are simply too long or difficult to fit within the machines. Also in some cases it is more costly to set up the programs for parts that can be turned and milled on semi automated systems.

Our skilled operators if it is deemed the best value for money to use the turning machines, you have the option of a combination of cost effective final product and the highest quality.

If you have a project or part that requires the strictest tolerances and quality control feel free to contact us for an obligation free quotation and advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CNC mean?

Computer Numerical Control CNC means Computer Numerical Control . This means a computer converts the design produced by Computer Aided Design software (CAD), into numbers. The numbers can be considered to be the coordinates of a graph and they control the movement of the cutter.

What does a CNC machinists do?

CNC machinists work with computer numeric controlled ( CNC ) heavy machinery from setup to operation to produce parts and tools from metal, plastic or other materials. Computer numeric controlled equipment is precision machinery that cuts, grinds, or drills into the material.

What is difference between NC and CNC?

Comparison Between NC and CNC Machine. … NC stands for Numerical Control whereas CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control . In NC Machine the programs are fed into the punch cards. But in CNC machine the programs are fed directly into the computer with the help of a small keyboard similar to our traditional keyboard.

Why is the CNC important?

Why CNC Machining is Important for Manufacturing? Computer Numerical Control ( CNC ) refers to – manipulating traditional machines by the use of computer systems. … Since computers are used to control machines, it means that all major operations of production can be automated to increase speed and quality of manufacturing.

What is the principle of CNC machine?

CNC Stands for Computer Numerical Control or Computerized Numerical Control . CNC machine is an Computer Numerical Controlled machine which executes tasks with help of an inbuilt computer which extracts an computer file based on the commands and codes written.

What is NC, CNC and DNC?

Difference between CNC and DNC – Advantage and Functions of DNC . … DNC (Direct Numerical control/ distributed numerical control) denotes the networking of CNC machines. DNC system uses a large mainframe computer to control a number of NC machines. The program is done externally then sent to individual machines.