CNC precision machining.

CNC precision machining strategy for your prototype or parts

CNC precision machining, what is the difference from CNC machining?


The main difference is the CNC programming accuracy needed by the CNC operator to machine the parts.

When cnc parts are complete a 3D coordinate measuring machine is used to check the tolerance of the parts.
These machines check to accuracy of a micron, so they need to be very precise. For the past 8 years we are proud to machine the parts needed for the highest grade 3D coordinate measuring machines.

Do you have some examples of CNC Precision machining?

We have a case study of 3D measuring equipment parts.

We have been doing these products for the past decade, using techniques to ensure the tolerances few other companies can match.

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More Information about  Precision CNC machining.

CNC precision machining

CNCxpress specializes in precision machining.

At CNCxpress, we do all levels of cnc precision manufacturing and CNC machining for Prototypes and projects.

However, our specialty is CNC precision machining.

While there are many CNC machining shops with the ability to provide CNC machined parts for projects of various precision cnc machining grades.

There are also CNC machining shops that have varying types of CNC machines from 3 axis to multi axis.

Working with CNCxpress you will be working with a CNC precision manufacturing workshop with a proven track record in supplying the precision CNC machining parts with the tightest tolerances and highest level of usability in all types of environments.

This comes from CNC precision machining comes from highly integrated co ordination of the project between the software engineer, machinist, CNC machine operators, Quality control and management.

Planning for your CNC machining prototype or project, the best way to cost effectively get the part out of the block of materials.
Deciding the correct machine to use is the first step.

If you have a CNC machining project, prototype or new part that requires the strictest tolerances and quality control feel free to contact us for an obligation free quotation and advice.

Tell me about CNCxpress, CNC precision machining experience.

CNC precision machining strategy for your prototype or parts 1

At CNCxpress, we have over 10 years experience working with Multinational Corporations to provide the most accurate parts in the CNC machining industry.

We define CNC precision machining as projects similar to the parts for Coordinate measuring machine. The one in the photo is supplied by one of the leading companies and is used to check the accuracy of the parts.
Many quality CNC machine shops and designers use this type of equipment.

The difference at CNCxpress, not only do we use the measuring equipment but we also supply many of the CNC machined parts used by the Corporation to produce the 2D and 3D measuring equipment.

This requires the tightest tolerances and the highest CNC precision machining in the industry to maintain the accuracy needed.

CNC precision machining strategy for your prototype or parts 2

Is all the machining done on a CNC machine?


Each prototype, project or part  is assessed by a team including the Chief engineer, the factory manager, CNC programmer and the chief machinist.

They decide, the most efficient method of CNC machining to complete the project. At the same time decide which machine will the most cost effective to be used for any given process.

This could mean using the manual machines to make the initial rough part before using the CNC machining to finish the project.

This is to ensure cost effective  programming of the CNC machine and which CNC machine has the lowest running cost.
This keeps the project, prototpye or part to a CNC machining level the customer can afford.

While Multi axis machines can in some cases do all of the work required, we still assess this against the cost of running the multi axis machine. We make sure the cost will not be higher than alternative methods.

Our goal is the find the best value for money outcome withing the quality and CNC precision machining tolerance guidelines required by the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CNC mean?

Computer Numerical Control CNC means Computer Numerical Control . This means a computer converts the design produced by Computer Aided Design software (CAD), into numbers. The numbers can be considered to be the coordinates of a graph and they control the movement of the cutter.

What does a CNC machinists do?

CNC machinists work with computer numeric controlled ( CNC ) heavy machinery from setup to operation to produce parts and tools from metal, plastic or other materials. Computer numeric controlled equipment is precision machinery that cuts, grinds, or drills into the material.

What is difference between NC and CNC?

Comparison Between NC and CNC Machine. … NC stands for Numerical Control whereas CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control . In NC Machine the programs are fed into the punch cards. But in CNC machine the programs are fed directly into the computer with the help of a small keyboard similar to our traditional keyboard.

Why is the CNC important?

Why CNC Machining is Important for Manufacturing? Computer Numerical Control ( CNC ) refers to – manipulating traditional machines by the use of computer systems. … Since computers are used to control machines, it means that all major operations of production can be automated to increase speed and quality of manufacturing.

What is the principle of CNC machine?

CNC Stands for Computer Numerical Control or Computerized Numerical Control . CNC machine is an Computer Numerical Controlled machine which executes tasks with help of an inbuilt computer which extracts an computer file based on the commands and codes written.

What is NC, CNC and DNC?

Difference between CNC and DNC – Advantage and Functions of DNC . … DNC (Direct Numerical control/ distributed numerical control) denotes the networking of CNC machines. DNC system uses a large mainframe computer to control a number of NC machines. The program is done externally then sent to individual machines.