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CNC machining challenge

CNC machining challenge

The CNC machining challenge.


Imagine CNC machining a product that is going to be mistreated every day.

Can you guess the product

A Hint, the product needs to be

As light as possible so it is easy to carry.

Designed to be easy to handle even when wet.

Rugged so it can be dropped and mistreated.

Machined with precision of a micron

(thinner than a sheet of paper)

Machined to able to be screwed together and unscrewed.

Finished with Anodizing that last for years.

Did YOU guess the product?

While that sounds like a strange product it is in fact a flashlight.

It has nearly every design element incorporated into the design.

CNCxpress has been producing parts for flashlight for more than 10 years.
We worked closely with the customer to develop and keep refining their designs.

With earlier designs using replaceable batteries to the latest rechargeable batteries it needed to protect the internal components while being light enough to carry for a long time.

We used many different designs on the outer skin to lighten the design while reinforcing the critical parts.

As you can imagine over the year’s we tried many designs that could not pass the extreme testing. But the result is the machining one of the leading long-lasting flashlights on the market.

What can we learn from machining a Flashlight?

It takes a few different grades of materials to ensure it will function for a long time.

The machining of the outer case requires precision machining to cut grooves to lighten the weight. While still ensuring the thickness protects the internal components.

Machining the thread must be a very tight tolerance.
To ensure it is water resistant.
It must not be so tight it can not be assembled or stop it from being opened for servicing of the components.

The finish on the outside must be able to take a lot of abuse yet at the same time be able to make it easy to grip in all conditions.

Who would have thought a humble everyday product could have so many high-tech requirements.

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Custom CNC machining work

Custom CNC machining work

Many companies are not interested in custom CNC machining work.

Why are they not interested in custom CNC machining work.

Working out the best way to machine a part out of a block or tube of materials takes expertise and time. 
There is the process of keeping waste and machine time to a minimum, even with good CAD drawings.

Setting up CNC machines can be time consuming, so many companies can not do this very cost effectively for small projects or Prototypes.

Custom CNC machine work


So how can we begin with small quantities or small projects

CNCxpress is willing to do custom CNC machining work, this is because of our highly skilled operators.
The ability to do smaller projects with an amount of manual machining.
Rather than just having to program a highly expensive multi axis machines.

With a cost effective highly skilled team we can adapt to the project. 
As part of the process we can use some NC machines for the initial Turning and Milling, 
This leads to less programming and machining time it leads to a cost effective outcome.

Working towards, our future CNC machining relationship. 

At CNCxpress we understand the value of forming a relationship with our potential customers. 
Relationships are built on trust and the ability to communicate with each other.
Over the past decades we have been formed lasting relationships with large Corporations and individuals .
The basis of these relationships was working with customers for a outcome that fits their current needs be they small or large.

Custom CNC machine work drawing
Custom Machine CNC work drawing.

How can I help to keep the cost down. 

There are numerous ways to get custom CNC machining work for a reasonable cost.

  • Make a high quality CAD drawing to assist with CNC machining planning.
  • Discuss the exact tolerances needed.
  • If it is a prototype use a lower cost material grade.
  • Provide as much information as possible to cut the machining time.

How do I find out more about custom CNC work. 

There is a lot of information on our site there is a special section just for custom CNC work you can clich the button below to go directly to the page.

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