About  CNCxpress affordable CNC machine center

Why choose CNCxpress for your CNC machining project?

We have a history of supplying the highest grade machining in the industry for the past decade.

About CNCxpress CNC machine center

CNC machining is one of the earlier examples of robotics. Using CNC machines configured to repeat tasks and maintain a precision that is difficult to do manually.

It is also an example where we learnt that there are still tasks that can be performed manually where the volume does not warrant the set up and configuration time.

It is adventageous to have a work force where the cost is competitive and the experience to know which method best serves the project.

Having a CNC machine center with a large range of CNC machines and experienced operators on the various levels of automation assists in ensuring value for the customers.

CNCxpress, CNC machine center has a combination of:

  • Well maintained machinery in both manual and computer controlled. With complementry tooling for the machines and high level equipment for checking the end product.
  • Highly trained operators working in a clean and safe enviroment. High skill levels for the operators, the programmers and the maintenance staff.
  • A ISO-9001 compliant management system to plan and schedule work to match or exceed the requirement of customers.
  • Company structure where everyone understands the industry and the need to maintain the highest standard.

CNC Company History


The company was founded in 2000 starting as a small machine shop. Juan started with smaller projects using manual machines.
With relatively few staff they concentrated on doing projects other people did not think were possible or did not want. However, they found with passion and perseverance to do the higher quality projects there was some market.

In 2005 they bought the first of their CNC machines, this presented new challenges.
After long hours of study and armed with the same commitment to precision, he learnt how to reduce the time needed, while increasing accuracy that was not previously possible with manual machines.

By 2009 the CNC machine center had outgrown the premises and moved to the new factory and increased by 20 new CNC machines. They continued the same philosophy using the tightest precision, highest quality and great service.
In 2014 with the increase of demand from cnc machine center customers, they had doubled the staff and grown to more than 40 CNC machines.

This brings us to 2018 and the current expansion of the cnc manufacturing services factory.

The management of the CNC machine center decided to prioritize the CNCxpress brand and place more emphasis on expanding the international trade with selected new customers.


The owners of the CNC machine center grew with the business and understand how the CNC machining work is preformed.
This means they have a full understanding of problems that may happen and plan ahead to avoid this.

The team environment is a most important asset, with full co operation from the sales to the planning to the programming to the machining, to the Quality checking and packing. Each department is kept well educated in the latest CNC machine technology and rewarded for effort.

Hard work and safety is repeated day in and day out.
Service above the customers expectation has been the vision since CNCXPRESS was founded.
All our CNC machine center strategies and decisions are made based on safe workplace and sustainable operation.
With this philosophy along with a customer first practice CNCxpress continues to grow.

We have a history of supplying the highest grade CNC machining.

From CNC machining parts for products that insist on the tightest tolerance available. To products that are rugged and require finish that can absorb punishment.

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Just two examples

Parts for 3D measurement devices.

For the past 10 years we have been supplying parts for 3D measurement devices for companies including Hexagon Manufacturing intelligence.

We machining parts that require tolerances in microns rather than millimeters. Absolute precision is essential to ensure the Hexagon’s machines can calibrate parts to ensure quality for design and machine shops.
Making these parts requires teamwork within our entire staff and a commitment to excellence for every part with no margin for error.

Parts for Flash lights.

Flashlights is another segment of the market that requires absolute precision. Among our customers are the highest profile suppliers.
The difference from the 3D machine parts, is the finish has to be able to accept the most punishing treatment.
Thrown around, dropped on various surfaces, be waterproof and dust proof at the same time remain in good condition.

The parts have parts that need to be able to be screwed together in the factory with absolute precision to stop dust and water.

The two examples above represent the ability to machine parts or do projects that many companies could not easily complete.

We are equally proud to have provided parts for these demanding corporations for over 10 years. In a environment where many competitors chase our customers. We know our customers have at times tried different suppliers to test the market and the pricing.
We believe our retention of our customers shows a commitment to work closely, an ability to remain competitive while providing value for money and most of all the ability to maintain our quality year after year.

Some of Our Team






Operations Director



International Sales Director.



Machine programer

Our ISO 9001 compliance

ISO 9001 Certification

CNCXPRESS is ISO GT/ 9001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015 certified. This is not just a reflection of our ability to face scrutiny to be able to gain the ISO 9001 certification.

Because this accomplishment cannot be achieved merely by the organization, but by the cooperation of every staff member in CNCXPRESS. Only with the diligence of everyone in CNCXPRESS to follow the SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) at work allowed us to gain this certification.

Constant monitoring and improvement of the systems ensures the growth of the company and the quality outcome for the customer.

In a digital age where there is a need for secure digital transfer of information the company continues to update and monitor the systems.

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